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Jemahl Evans interview Part Two

Concluding part of Jemahl Evans Interview 

Samuel Butler -Poet- 1613- 1680 . Portrait by Pieter Borsseler courtesy Wiki Commons

Continuing my interview with novelist Jemahl Evans .  Part One is here   To recap slightly Jemahl's lead character is one Sir Blandford Candy- " an irascible old drunk with a hatred of poets and a love of hats"  : In fact 'hatred' is probably too mellow a word  to  describe the seething contempt he has for Samuel Butler  and the poem ' Hudibras' . Blandford was ninety five years old in 1719, and  the sole surviving Roundhead. 

 One enthusiast summed up Jemahl's 2015 novel, 'The Last Roundhead', as '"Flashman meets the Three Muskateers in a picaresque romp through Stuart England" and the sequel, 'This Deceitful Light' , is certainly of a similar nature. A collection of five short stories 'Davenant s Egg and Other Tales' (2017) , all connected to the 1643 Siege of Gloucester, has also appeared…