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Poltava -Lord Byron -'Mezappa'

Poetry relating to the Battle of Poltava 1709

Charles XII of Sweden and Ivan Mazepa after The Battle of Poltav- Gustav Cederstrom Courtesy of Wikipedia Commons 

This is the first post about poetry connected to the Battle of Poltava 1709, starting with Byron’s 1819 poem ‘Mazeppa’ (sic)  , named after the Ukrainian Cossack leader Ivan Mazepa ( 1639- 1709 ).
               “Twas after dread Poltova’s day                 When fortune left the Royal Swede,                 Around a slaughter’d army lay                 No more to combat and to bleed                 The power and the glory of the war                  Faithless as their vain votaries men                  Had pass’d to the triumphant Czar                  And Moscow’s walls were safe again. “

In 1700 Peter the Great declared war on Sweden. Czar Peter was rather keen to get his 'window on The Baltic, to build a
European styled city, commission a navy, to have ports that
weren't going to be ice bound for large parts of…