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Richard Lovelace

Richard Lovelace - Kent Cavalier Poet

Image courtesy of Noel Craggs, South-East History Boards

                            I am always fascinated by the use of poetry on war memorials. Discovered, thanks to a discussion on the South East History Boards that some lines by Richard Lovelace, the Cavalier Poet,
 ( 1618-1658 ) from the poem 'Grasshopper', are quoted on a plaque placed on a stone to mark 'The last stand of the Royalist Defenders of Maidstone' , facing  General Fairfax storming of the city on 1st June 1648. This phase of the Second Civil War was a precursor to the Siege of Colchester already covered by this blog..The lines are in fact the tenth and last verse of 'The Grass-hopper '

Thus richer then untempted Kings are we, 
    That asking nothing, nothing need : 
Though Lord of all what Seas imbrace ; yet he 
    That wants himselfe, is poore indeed. 

The memorial plaque goes on to read;

An extract from 'The Grassho…