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Worcester Visit 2018/ More on Richard Lovelace

Visit to Worcester September 2018 

                                      Bronze relief sculpture of Battle of Worcester at Fort Royal
                                       by Ken Potts, courtesy of the Battle of Worcester Society

The 3rd September was significant  for Oliver Cromwell , the date of his victories at Dunbar 1650, Worcester 1651, and his death -1658.

Was delighted to visit Worcester on the first weekend of September 2018  : On Saturday 1st September I attended The Cromwell Association visit to - The Commandery museum at Sidbury ,Worcester, where we were lucky enough to have a guided tour  from Richard Shaw,  current chairman of the Battle of Worcester Society, with a quick visit to Fort Royal Hill  next door. ( Fair to stress at this point that the Battle of Worcester Society are neutral as it were in their approach to the British Civil Wars).  It was inspiring to see how much this Society are doing to increase awareness of the battle, and The Commandery is highly recomm…